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CNS CICS Memo Processing

All communications from CICS Development Groups requesting action on the part of the CICS Systems Staff at CNS is done via a mechanism called the "CICS Memo". Requesting resource defiitions to the CICS test environment or installation of applications into the production system are the primary types of requests that are made. Many of the processes which must be completed by the CICS systems programmers are automated and this automation is driven by the CICS memo. Therefore, it is imperative that the memo be completed correctly to insure accurate and timely processing of the request.

Creating a CICS Memo

The memos need to conform to a standardized format since much of the automation looks for particular things in particular places on the memo. CICS.USER.SAMPLIB contains the following members with templates and instructions for completing memos correctly:

The information on the memos is column specific. Errors caused by inserting information in incorrect columns or by switching fields will cause the processing to stop and require manual intervention, thereby increasing memo turaround time. The page dividers (lines of asterisks across the page) are also necessary in the places indicated and should begin in column 1.

The Process

When submitting a CICS memo for processing, an email should be sent to cicsgroup@cns.ufl.edu indicating the location of the memo and the associated datasets which contain source code, etc. Sending the email to the entire CICS systems group rather than a particular member of the staff will avoid the request being overlooked when members of the staff are out of the office.

Upon receiving the email, a member of the CICS systems staff will pick up the memo and begin the necessary processing. When the required actions have been completed, the systems programmer will notify the submittor. In the case of a production installation, a final test of all programs is required. It is important for the application developer to notify the CICS systems group when this final testing is complete so that the statistics from the final test can be checked and the application scheduled for production installation.

In order to insure that memo processing begins on the same day it is sent, memos should be recieved at CNS by 3:00 P.M. and the datasets used to transfer source code and copy code must be available. While CICS staff members normally pick up any memo that is sent prior to the end of their work day, memos sent late in the day could easily be overlooked and not noticed until the next morning.

When memos are completed correctly and the associated datasets contain the correct source code and copy code, the entire process flows very smoothly and quickly. Incorrect information causes the process to stop until the systems programmer gets back to the memo and takes manual intervention. Taking a little extra time when preparing the memo can save even more time when errors have to be dealt with.

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