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The Customer Information Control System (CICS) is an interactive transaction processing system from IBM, which has been used at CNS (formerly NERDC) since the early 1970's. The CICSplex at CNS provides critical transaction processing services to many departments at the University of Florida (e.g Registrar, Student Financial Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Academic Affairs, Sponsored Research and Graduate Education, College of Medicine and others). These services provide online access to the critical data infrastructure required to keep these departments running.

Do you ever pick "ADMIN" from the CNS Interactive Services Menu? Use the UF Menu System? ISIS? Do you register for classes at UF?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are a CICS user at CNS.

The information contained here in CNS's CICS web site is intended to aid both the users of our CICS systems and the programming staffs who develop the applications that run in the CICSplex.

The following is a quote form an article which appears int the September 30, 2002, issue of Computerworld, titled "35 Technologies that shaped the industry".

"IBM's Customer Information Control System was developed in 1968 and is still the most important mainframe transaction processing software in the world"

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